SALUX®top wall trims


From the ridge caps to the top wall trims

Our SALUX® ridge cap­pings can be used as ridge, but also as brick or wall ties. Sim­ply cut in the midd­le with a kni­fe and you will have two sec­ti ons of wall flashing. 

Sui­ta­ble for all SALUX® PVC sheets

Our ridge cappings/wall flas­hing are available in black, grey, fawn brown, green and red to match our sheets, or as a trans­pa­rent ver­si­on in the co­lours clear, smo­ke and bronze.

Fast & easy to install

More ac­cess­ories for your buil­ding project

SALUX<span class=""suptext"">®</span> ridge caps/top wall trims DREHQUICK<span class=""suptext"">®</span>

Are you loo­king for advice?

Our sa­les de­part­ment will help you to find the per­fect pro­duct for your requirements.

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