Ter­race roofing

The right pro­duct for every project.

The right sheets for your ter­race roofing

Are you loo­king for a trans­lu­cent ter­race ro­ofing? With us you have the choice bet­ween ex­tre­me­ly dura­ble twin-wall sheets or high-qua­li­ty cor­ru­ga­ted sheets made of PVC. 

We of­fer our twin-wall sheets with UV pro­tec­tion and op­tio­nal­ly with cool-re­flect or heat re­duc­tion. We have op­tio­nal­ly equip­ped our PVC sheets with light scat­te­ring ef­fects, ex­tra high hail re­sis­tance or trans­lu­cent tin­ting. You can choo­se the right ro­ofing for your ter­race from a va­rie­ty of co­lors and profiles. 

Re­com­men­ded pro­ducts for your ter­race roofing

Twin-wall sheets
Sa­lux® Prisma
Sa­lux® Strong
Sa­lux® W
Are you loo­king for advice?

Our sa­les staff will help you to find the per­fect pro­duct for your requirements.

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