Twin-wall sheets

Ver­sa­ti­le and durable

SALUX® PC-twin-wall sheets

The new SALUX® twin-wall sheets are made from high-qua­li­ty po­ly­car­bo­na­te, which is very wea­ther-re­sistant and trans­lu­cent. The twin-wall sheets are light­weight, im­pact-re­sistant and off er ex­cel­lent in­su­la­ti on. Their light weight com­pared to glass makes them ex­tre­me­ly user fri­end­ly and easy to install. 

The sheets are not only att rac­ti­ve, but also of­fer im­pres­si­ve co-ex­tru­ded UV pro­tec­tion. This makes the­se sheets ex­cel­lent for any out­door ap­pli­ca­ti­on, e.g. ter­race ro­ofing. We fur­ther of­fer in­no­va­ti­ve heat re­du­cing sheets which re­du­ce the tem­pe­ra­tu­re at the bott om of the pla­te by up to 35%. 


Z Ligh­ter than glass
Z Ex­tre­me­ly dura­ble qua­li­ty
Z Ide­al pro­tec­tion from wind and wea­ther
Z High im­pact strength and hail re­sis­tance
Z UV-pro­tec­ted sheets
Z High wea­ther re­sis­tance
Z High tem­pe­ra­tu­re re­sis­tance
Z In­su­la­ting ef­fect
Z Sound ab­sor­bing
Z Quick and easy installation






Cool Re­flect

35% heat reduction


all di­men­si­ons in mm

Twin-wall sheets

Tripp­le-wall sheets

X-struc­tu­re sheets

All de­cla­ra­ti­ons of per­for­mance, tech­ni­cal data sheets, war­ran­ty con­di­ti­ons and sto­rage and in­stal­la­ti­on in­for­ma­ti­on can be found on the down­loads page.
Pos­si­ble applications

Terrasse roofing

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