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When choo­sing sui­ta­ble sheets for clad­ding green­hou­ses and cold frames, a num­ber of fac­tors must be ta­ken into ac­count so that the plants can grow well. The­se fac­tors in­clude the light trans­mis­si­on of the sheet and ther­mal in­su­la­ti­on. Good ther­mal in­su­la­ti­on is im­portant for tem­pe­ra­tu­re-sen­si­ti­ve plants in­si­de the greenhouse. 

We of­fer twin-wall sheets in cer­tain thic­k­nes­ses espe­ci­al­ly for green­house con­s­truc­tion. Our Sa­lux® W sheets are also ide­al for co­ve­ring smal­ler cold frames. 

Re­com­men­ded pro­ducts for your greenhouse

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Sa­lux® W
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