Sus­tainable pro­duc­tion of plastics

For the ge­ne­ra­ti­ons of tomorrow



We of­fer sus­tainable al­ter­na­ti­ves to clas­sic plastics



Our pro­ducts are con­stant­ly sub­ject to strict qua­li­ty controls


100% recyclable

Our pro­ducts are up to 100% recyclable


Made in Germany

All sheets are pro­du­ced in our fac­to­ry in Sang­erhau­sen, Saxony-Anhalt.

It’s your choice!

We of­fer our po­ly­car­bo­na­te and PVC pro­ducts ba­sed on va­rious raw ma­te­ri­als. So you have the choice bet­ween clas­sic, re­cy­cled or raw ma­te­ri­als of or­ga­nic origin. 

 PC Po­ly­car­bo­na­te sheets
  • NEx­tre­me­ly dura­ble quality
  • N10 year warranty*
  • N100% re­cy­clable
  • NHigh wea­ther and hail resistance
  • NHigh wea­ther and tem­pe­ra­tu­re resistance
  • NRe­places up to 100% con­ven­tio­nal polycarbonate
  • N10 year warranty*
  • NSus­tainable thanks to re­sour­ce-sa­ving re­cy­cled material
  • N100% re­cy­clable
  • NHigh wea­ther and hail resistance
  • NEx­tre­me sus­tainable thanks to an in­no­va­ti­ve, cli­ma­te-neu­tral ma­te­ri­al, which is ob­tai­ned from bio­lo­gi­cal was­te and residues
  • N10 year warranty*
  • N100% re­cy­clable
  • NRe­sour­ce-sa­ving production
  • NHigh wea­ther and hail resistance

* see se­pa­ra­te war­ran­ty conditions


Twin-wall sheets

Sheets for

PVC Po­ly­vi­nyl­chlo­ri­de sheets
  • NUV-re­sistant
  • NFla­me re­tar­dant & weatherproof
  • N100% re­cy­clable
  • NChe­mi­cal and cor­ro­si­on resistant
  • N10 year warranty*
  • N100% re­places con­ven­tio­nal PVC
  • N100% re­cy­clable
  • NOdor­less
  • NUV-re­sistant
  • NWea­ther resistant
  • NRe­duc­tion of >90%** of green­house gases**
  • NHas all the ad­van­ta­ges of clas­sic PVC
  • N10 year warranty*
  • NVery high UV stability
  • NPar­ti­cu­lar­ly sus­tainable as a BIO LINE® variant
  • N20 year warranty*
  • NWea­ther resistant
  • N100% re­cy­clable

* see se­pa­ra­te war­ran­ty conditions

** com­pared to fos­sil S-PVC 


Sa­lux® Pris­ma®
Sa­lux® Strong

Sa­lux® W

Sa­lux® construction
Sa­lux® Metallic
Sa­lux® WS-Premium
Sa­lux® WS
Sa­lux® WBS

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About us

Sa­lux GmbH

Sa­lux GmbH is one of the lea­ding sup­pli­ers of pla­s­tic sheets on the Ger­man mar­ket and in neigh­bor­ing Eu­ro­pean countries.

Our profile

Sa­lux GmbH – That’s what we stand for. Our mis­si­on, vi­si­on and values. 

Our team

The right cont­act per­son for every ques­ti­on! Our team will be hap­py to take care of your concerns! 

Our factory

Qua­li­ty made in Ger­ma­ny. All of our sheets are pro­du­ced in our own factory. 


Our cen­tral lo­gi­stics cen­ter and our own fleet of ve­hic­les enable de­li­veries to be made in the shor­test pos­si­ble time.


Here you will find in­for­ma­ti­on about our products.


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